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    Water Rentals & Sports

    It's Play Time... on the water, of course!

    The ocean washes your cares away. Truly. If there is one thing days at New Smyrna Beach will teach you, it’s to never underestimate the effect of saltwater. Gaze toward the Atlantic from the white sands of this barrier island beachfront, and it’s like a happy dream realized. Or venture into the tidal marshes, lagoons, and bays of the Indian River in the fascinating ecosystem between New Smyrna Beach and the mainland.

    Maybe there will be a fishing rod in your hand, or you’ll decide to go all in to swim, surf, or gear up for a SCUBA dive. Nothing compares to the weightless release of a plunge into sun-warmed salt water. Aah, the freedom.

    Water Rentals & Sports


    Surf Schools & Rentals

    Each summer, New Smyrna Beach is flooded with surfers as the American Professional Surfing Association holds one of its premier contests. If you don’t know how to surf, don’t sweat it! Surf lessons are available for all ages.

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    Kids' Summer Camps

    Summer camps in the New Smyrna Beach area offer children the opportunity to make new memories, meet new people and make life-long friends.

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    In New Smyrna Beach, there is something for everyone. From a vibrant local food scene to the performing and visual art, we are proud to be the perfect choice for creating new family traditions.