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    New Smyrna Beach Trail Series

    "Confessions of a Trailhead"

    “It took all day and 4 UBERS
    but we finished the NSB Spirits Trail.” 

    It's time to hit the trails for a whole new way to explore New Smyrna Beach. Grab some family and friends, take some pics, and tell tales from the trails when you post and confess your exploits along the way. It's not where you take the trails - it's where NSB trails take you.

    NSB-spirits Trials
    NSB-Outdoor Trials
    ezgif.com-gif-maker (25)-1
    NSB-11214 - NSB Trails Program - New Trail Elements - Outdoor Watersports - 1K_Page_2
    My project (1)
    ezgif.com-gif-maker (24)-1
    NSB-11214 - NSB Trails Program - New Trail Elements - Rainy Day Trail - 1L (1)_Page_1
    NSB-11214 - NSB Trails Program - New Trail Elements - Pet-friendly - 1M_Page_1
    HidDFypA (2)
    NSB-11473 - NSB Trails Program FY-2023-Womens Heritage Trail-MARCH-2023-1A_Page_1
    NSB-11473 - NSB Trails Program FY-2023 Burger Trail-APRIL-2023-2A_Page_3
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    In New Smyrna Beach, there is something for everyone. From a vibrant local food scene to the performing and visual art, we are proud to be the perfect choice for creating new family traditions.